Saturday, February 26, 2011


Oh my gosh. I started playing Pigg!!! Yays. I have to say that Pigg is cuter than Pico. Hehe. Why? Because Pigg has more places to go. For example, this 2nd Pigg Anniversary Park sweet_mom talked about. I saw Piggs doing some weird actions. I noticed that when you type /2nd, you will go like this:


When many people do this action, an UFO with snowman inside popped out from nowhere! And then, BOOM, everyone became mini. LOL.

And the rings are very funny, when you ring, you will hold a big gun and 'BOOM!'

I also played Card Match game. I beat an expert. HAHAHA!!

But, the sad thing is, I couldn't understand Japanese, except the Chinese parts! I wish I could... :(


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