Thursday, January 17, 2013


I miss semaphore errors, they made my Pico life enjoyable.

In my Pico lifetime, I have come across some interesting events. Long ago, I used to be actively writing blog posts. Then, players started to notice me as the 'Japanese Park Ghost' as I always linger at the Japanese Park. So that made many players know a lot about me. I have come across some copycats, fans, etc. who are trying to receive attention from me. I had a couple of friends who blogged and they tried to compete with my blog (maybe). Thinking back, I feel funny about that as I didn't know I would gain such attention.

I never notice if I'm being arrogant or something else. Most of the time, I tried not to get involved or create drama on Pico. I tried to talk nice to people, but you know, I have my limits. I admitted that I deleted a friend, who I added cos she was my fan but she was too annoying to me. HAHAHAHA. I'm truly sorry though.

The downturn of my Pico playing was when I stopped buying AG and Japanese Park started to have lagging issues. Pico didn't take serious actions about it. So I just play Pico because 'I wanted to feed my pets', period.


It's already been a month since Ameba Pico Virtual World has closed down. Despite receiving petitions, complains etc. from the players, CyberAgent eventually closed it down due to developer issues(?). I remember the time when I received the news, the big word 'YES!' came to me. Finally, I could REALLY get off this game out of my head. A huge flock of Pico players has migrated to Ameba Pigg, the 'big sister' of Ameba Pico. I come across English speakers more often wherever I go.

I came by this petition made by Benry, aka Thomas Liam G. The petition has already been closed down with 6,493 signatures, including myself. I scrolled down to 'Reason for signing' and read top comments, then more. I noticed the main reasons are: friends, memories and as you would know it, AG!

I cannot deny the fact that I do miss the memories I had with my friends. And I DO feel sad about the fact that I spent hundreds of MYD$ on AG and the game just closed down, wiping off all my AG items. Most players would concern about their AG/money. I would say that there are good and bad side of buying/earning AG to buy AG items, in my opinion.

We do feel good when we could afford to buy premium items on Pico. And our tiny avatars look nice, pretty, expensive etc (any way to describe your own avatar). But, we CHOSE to spend our money on virtual games like Pico. I, myself used to blame those bloody gachas which acted like scammers and vacuumed my money away, but we CHOSE to spin them, anyway. So, we can't just demand them to give our money back, cos nobody knows what really happened in CyberAgent. There could be other reasons as well, not just developer issues.

Let's just live on our lives, forget about the past (Pico), just play Pigg or whatever, it is more reliable. But PLEASE don't be too carried away.

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