Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Job Uniform Gacha Is Back!

Yes. It's back. I missed the first one because I have started playing Ameba Pico later than other Picos. I have seen some Picos wearing firemen's hats and they were really cute! So, I thought I wouldn't get those anymore because they were limited. But, its back with new jobs!

For the 1st series of Job Uniform Gacha, they had FIREMAN, NURSE, DOCTOR and POLICE. Now, the 2nd one has CONSTRUCTION WORKER, SAILOR, PILOT and FLIGHT ATTENDANT.

I tried second series first, and I got sailor clothes, flight attendant clothes, a plane, steam shovel chair and some CONSTRUCTION SHITS!! I hate those shits! But I like the sailor clothes the most! Then, I tried the first series gacha once, hoping to get a fireman hat but I got a nurse outfit! LOL. After that, I got back to my room and put the plane and the steam shovel chair at the corner of my supermarket and make them the children's corner for children to play.

The flight attendant clothes.

The Sailormoon clothes!

The corner of my supermarket. :D


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