Friday, February 25, 2011

I look ridiculous!

Ameba Pico Virtual World's first birthday is coming soon. After a scheduled maintainence, I came back to play. A new park has released - The 1st Anniversary park! My first reaction on the park is, "Wow, I am on a cake!" Hahaha.

There's a fountain with '1' on its base.

I feel so 'sweet' on this park. LOL. Ooo! There's a cupcake!

Look at me! Sitting on a biscuit bench beside a candle! I gacha-ed all these things. And I look ridiculous! Hahahaha.

Besides the Finding Happy Oliver event, there's also a recycling campaign which Picos will earn 50 GUMMIES instead of 10 gummies for recycling their furniture and clothes. I am excited for this campaign. Hehehehe.


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