Thursday, August 23, 2012

oh hello.

After sleepless nights of writing a 1750-word business report about travel agency business, I finally have the 'inspiration' to write a new post. (I do things according to my mood)

I'm sure my writing skills has dropped after so many months of blogging hiatus. Obviously, I'm too busy for blogging. University has changed my life - I'm not that into Pico anymore. I find it boring, bored of those changes the staffs has made.

All those useless celebrity invitations don't do any good to us. No offense to Vietnamese players. Those increased prices of gummies items made me furious, of course. Gummies that I've saved so hard to build a new decor project are just useless effort. New awkward and useless actions too. My friends whom I used to play with are all inactive. I've overcome my addiction to buying AG, which is a good thing.

Maybe its time for me to quit Pico? :)

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