Friday, April 29, 2011


Hey hey hey! What were you doing during the maintenence? Well, I took a nap. Hehe. There are a few updates, YEAH! First of all, 5x slots are back again! And we have a new stone for slots!

The Almighty Three!

Why is it 'The Almighty Three'? When you have it, three tiles will appear at the entire middle row. And oh yeahhh, you will get great winnings!


And, Pico updated some items in the 'Heart Rock Live!' park. These are the items:

I bought the Dramatic Dance. Dramatic indeed!

This is the ending of the dance! A few turns... Then a split!

Oops. I'm falling! Catch, me Hayley!
Thursday, April 28, 2011

500 Internal Server Error.

I can't get in! Help!

Running Kisser.

The new Spring fashion and interior are so cute. You must check them out! Hehe.

By the way, I met this guy, CocoJam. at the Japanese Park. He caught my eye because he was running around and /kiss-ing every girl he saw. SO CUTE! Later I saw him eating food, he must be hungry. So, I gave him food until he's full. He was so happy and typed /heart and /kiss to me. Awww.

He's so sweet!
Monday, April 25, 2011

Damn you Blackjack!!

I have lost A LOT of casino cash for playing Blackjack since last week. Damn. I should not play in Blackjack Highroller rooms. The dealers have been really mean to us! So, today I switched to Blackjack Normal rooms, and they are much better than the highroller ones. The dealers are more likely to bust. Anyway, we have a new friend in the casino...

I introduce you...
Sleeveless Ace is hot, isn't she? LOL. Just kidding. It is just a triangular tile.

Dear Blackjack lovers, you need these tiles if you want higher chance of getting Blackjacks. Because you will get an Ace card for the first card you get from the dealer when you use them. Cool, eh? But I am not gonna buy it.


Nyahaha. What? New park. Flower Garden.

It is similar to the West Forest. you can sit on the huge flowers!

Here. This is the premium gacha. The items are soooo cute! I MUST spin it! But damn, I got so many repititions, I wasted 250 AG on them. I got one set of bumble bee costume, a butterfly dress and a pair of ladybug wings. I'm happy with them though. :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

5x Slots are back!

The Casino Campaign is back. This time, it is the 5 times slots again, but only for 3 days. and oooh! We have two new items here!

First, I PRESENT YOU....

Okay. Not too dramatic. It is just a blue tile.

*Image taken from Ameba Pico's official website.

How does it works? When you have it, every time you spin, you will use one. A tile will be at the very center, like this image below. And THAT tile would be anything, it would be a replacement of ANYTHING. So... since it's 5 times slot, it is definitely be the best opportunity to have higher chance of winning AND 5 times of the winning with these damn tiles.

You can buy the tiles from this guy here! It is on sale for 100 pieces for 50 AG. He is available anywhere in the casino, except the Hotel Frontage and the Shop Lounge.

Ok, next!

HIGH-CLASS ESCARGOT WHEELS! It is with two wheels. You can sit on it. It is now half of the normal price, only for a week. So, grab them, Picos!
Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yay! Easter Day is coming! A new park called Bunny Room was released. When I stepped into the room, the first thing I saw is two gachas - one pink and one blue. The items are so cute! But, they are 100 AG per spin! Bunny balloons are one of the items. Imagine 100 AG for balloons? And 100 AG for one tiny bunny statue? Not worth it, right? So, I decided not to spin the gachas.

*Images taken from the Ameba Pico's official website.

If the gachas are for 50 AG per spin, I would go for the pink one and spin till I get the Pink Bunny Costume. Sigh. So, I took a look at the shop.

Aww... Aren't they cute? I saw the white version of the bunny costume! I tried on it...
And I looked freaking cute! But, I don't have enough gold. Should I buy more gold? Really hard decision.
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tab button.

Look at my right hand! I kept hitting the surprise action button and the Tab button at the same time. I saw my hand separates from the arm... Creepy!

Japanese Park 2.

I wanted to hang out at the Japanese Park 2. But I was stuck! The people blocked us by surrounding us. LOL.
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That blue dress!

New park with premium gacha, again! LOL. It's called Antique Gallery!

It is a very, very blue room. Very elegant. Let's take a look around!

An antique phone displayed.

A blue carriage is also displayed in the room. You can sit outside and inside. It is very nice! The guy inside must be feeling like Cinderella.

The clock actually tells you the time. I took this picture at 6.18pm (I am in Malaysia). Oh. There's a cage with a bird inside. Is that is a real or fake bird? I don't know. It sings. :O

Comfy bed to sleep on. Ahhh...LOL. Okay. Let's look at the shop!

Mylene looks very friendly. I hope she be my grandma in Pico.

Hmm.. Just some blue stuffs. That's all. Now, it is the premium gacha's turn to be introducted.

This premium gacha is for 50 AG per spin! And oh! I remember that dress! I saw it and fell in love it on the first day France was released. This post here.


I saw this guy at the Japanese Park when he was hula dancing and saying,' You wanna gamble?' and 'Ahahah!''. Too bad he went off so quickly, I could't take a picture of him. He looks a lot like the man at the casino (not the nerdy one).

Blank. White.

Help? My pico avatar isn't loading for an hour already. I can't see my cute avatar. SADNESS!
Monday, April 11, 2011

Pigg vs. Pico - Ooku Hallway


vs. PICO.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I logged in and was getting ready for my daily routine which is completing the gummies bar. I was about to ring back those who rang me, and opened the Rings List.... I saw Thymians!


Alice In Wonderland, Gothic Style.

Yay. Another park. It's called Gothic Alice Park. Yes. The title explains it. :)

The room is small and has giant golden teacups.

I'm sitting on it!

Here are the new stuff!

And... The... Er... Premium Gacha. Yes, I know I promise not to spend my gold this month but I was tempted. Sh*t.

I want that bunny plushie! And that cool cat costume set! I spinned it 3 times only and I am lucky to get the dress, hairdress and the handhold gold watch(hate it, freaking small).

I guess I didn't keep my promise. Hate myself!
Friday, April 8, 2011

Another maintenence, another post.

I love daisies! I loved drawing and making cards with flowers, especially with daisies, when I was a kid. Yeah, it's true, I'm not lying. So, I am happy when Pico changed West Forest into a Daisy Forest!

Daisies everywhere!

There are daisies with the size of your butt which you can sit on! Nice! There are mini daisies too!

These items were just arrived! I don't think the dress suits me. And, I have to remind myself not to spend my gold. However, I bought myself a handhold daisy.

And yes, my good friend Blackjack is back!

Welcome back BJ!
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Which cat do you wanna be?

Hey. I decided to write this post because I was so DAMN BORED. I went to look for all colours of the cats at the Pet Farms and match them with their corresponding cat costumes.






Light Brown.



I couldn't find a brown cat, I guess there is no such cat in Pico? So, oh well, let's take this brown dog instead.

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