Saturday, July 30, 2011

A really old friend.

This is an old friend of mine. He wasn't actually my buddy on pico, but I've seen him, long loooooooooooong time ago when Ameba Pico had its 1st birthday. A cute guy. I remember when I first saw him at the cake park, he fed me some food and then I blew him a kiss to thank him. When I blew a kiss to him, he quickly held out a bouquet of roses and did the 'Please' action, next to me. That was how I took this picture. He was darn sweet!

This picture shows that it was so long ago when I was still having this old look.


I saw him at the Japanese park a week ago! I was so happy to meet him again. I said Hello but he didn't respond. I sent him a Buddy Request. He accepted it a few days later. I wonder when I can meet him again and talk to him. I really missed him.

Today, he logged on, I quickly followed him. So happy to finally speak to him again!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Yes! The damn buddy list is fixed! WOOHOO! How happy I am! ^^ No more frustration.

Anyway... I am not blind anymore. I can see the Pico world now.

Say bye to white eyes!
Friday, July 22, 2011

Pink & purple!

Pink and purple are my favorite colors. So, I was tempted to spin the Casino Circus Gacha to get the clown outfit. In the end, I lost so much casino dollars... The gacha gave me so many balls and cubes. Grrrr...

MewTwo and DNA. They match with my outfit!
Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creepy Gacha.

YES! I GOT THE STAR! THE STUPID STAR! I got it on the seventh attempt. Gahhhh!

Frank and Yumiko!


And THIS! It scared the *beep* out of me! I saw it MOVING after I got the star. Like a pico moving it with arrow keys! SUPER SCARY!! But I'm lucky to see it LIVE of how Pico staff place the premium gacha! ^^

Space Tour!

Oh yeahh... I have never been to a space tour in the reality, but I get to experience it with my good friends in Pico! In Pigg, they sell spacesuits and helmets, but here, we have only PST caps and T-shirts? D: My friends and I shared the most memorable moment in Pico - the first departure of the space shuttle. Well, yeah it was.

This is before the departure of the space shuttle. Pretty cool~

Purchase the souvenir items from this lady.
Pearlman and Lathiem.

Oh... Who's that prett -- ZYE?!

WOW! The shuttle departed! EH! Where's my star?!
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guitar Hero!

Ooooh! At last! I got myself a guitar in Ameba Pigg, after so many days of scratching cards. So happy!

Oh yeah!


Most importantly, I must thank the Etoile Sisters' blog for letting me know which card to scratch to get this guitar. HERE!

And oh! Another good news! I won the Picoholic Photo Contest! So happy, again! Thank you Daphne and Zye for picking my photo!

HERE, too!
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to Look No.2.

Thanks to Frank. I changed my look back to the old one. He said I should stick to this look. A part of myself agrees, the other part didn't want to change. I should listen to my grandpa!
Monday, July 11, 2011


Picoholic blog has a photo contest going on! Join! Join! For more details, click HERE.


I woke up and something came to my mind. I felt like joining the Picoholic's photo contest. So, I joined! I am random, I know!

Like the photo? Click HERE to like it. (If you want to...)
Sunday, July 10, 2011


I got back from bath and saw this! What the *beep*??!!

In this picture, Joel is looking more like himself.

Capsu's hands.

Have you seen naked picos lately? I have. I want to be naked tooooo! But anyway, I saw one at the Japanese Park. The pico modified himself/herself into a naked guy with makeup. How unusual.

Oh, Capsu...

Keep your hands off that.....

MewTwo is checking them out! MewTwo!!!
Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ugly but hot!

I am attracted to ugly picos. The uglier your pico avatar is, I will be more attracted to you. ^^

I'm attracted to g я u m p y from Indonesia.

She is like my sister!
Friday, July 8, 2011

Magic Carpet.

The new premium gacha, Arabian Gacha is released. You can find it at the Egyptian Shrine. The items are not bad but I'm not going to spin it. :D But I'll see, I might spin it.

The rare item of the gacha is the magic carpet. Nope, it's not closet item. It's pocket item, like the nimbus cloud from the chinese premium gacha. It lasts only for a minute. This guy here, he's like Aladdin or AliBaba.

Pico ID: ۩۞۩ ҜⓐⓛⓔX ۩۞۩

Look at Pearl. He kept asking him "consumable?", but he didn't say anything. Poor Pearl.

Long lost twin.

Last night I couldn't wait any longer for the maintenance to finish. Got really sleepy after long hours of waiting. Extension, extension...

This morning, before I go to school, I logged in just for a while. I went to the Japanese Park 1 (that's where I usually hanged out at) and saw some unfamiliar faces. It is the time difference. :D I saw this girl when she was chatting with her friend, AND she was VERY familiar. SHE LOOKS LIKE ME! Not 100% but our eyes, noses and mouths are the same! Except she has different tanned skin color, different face shape and different hair. She has eyebrows and a mole beside her right eye! ^^

☆ Эленка ★ from Russia Federation happened to be my long lost twin!

+Spooky+, my twin ☆ Эленка ★, and me.

Haha. +Spooky+ yawned as we Japanese Bon Danced.


And yeah, I met this handsome dude in Japanese Park 1 too.

Meet ♡春日♡. He's sooooo handsome!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gahh, maintenance!

Hate, hate server maintenance! I said this so many times. Pico staff just love to piss people off. I wonder what are they doing now. Hope they are fixing the buddy list. Like dammit. FIX THE *beep* LIST! I am soooo frustrated because I need to click EVERY single buddy in my list to check whether they are online.

Every teardrop is a waterfall.
Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I came back to the computer after brushing my teeth to get ready for sleep and saw this wonderful letter from a wonderful pico named IWon'tCry. She's really sweet! :')

Newbie! (Not!)

Bwahahaha. I know it has been MONTHS since the last time I wore this Apprentice Pirate's Tatty Outfit. Wearing it again, memories fill my mind again. It is funny to think back how new I was to Pico. I used to play with my cousins, but that was during holidays. Now, they seldom play Pico, on the other hand, I am now a Ameba Pico addict.

Oh, if you noticed, I am NOT wearing higher shoes. They are my legs. Hah!


I created the pattern of the border above myself. It just randomly came to my mind.

I changed the background of my blog! I think it is nice. It's girly, I know. I'm a GIRL! Well, just for a change.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We are beautiful.

I was chatting with Carrot and she told me that she was a choco too. Her choco look happened to be similar like mine. Being a choco again slipped into her mind, so she decided to change her look, but tried a different look this time. Here are the pictures of me and Carrot, my new choco partner!

We are beautiful!

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