Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hello. Its me, TraceyLPY from Ameba Pico Virtual World.

It all started when I watched my younger cousins playing Ameba Pico Virtual World on Facebook somewhere in December. And I thought "Hey! That's a cute game, wanna try it!". So, I tried it and got addicted to Pico ever since. Not long after that, I introducted Pico to my brother and another cousin who were also got interested in Pico.

After one month playing Pico, I decided to buy some Ameba Gold. I realized, wow, we can buy lots of GOOD stuff using AG! I remember the first thing I bought with AG was the Cheer Move. My cousin calls it lame but to me, it is the coolest move! One day, I was hanging out at the Beginner's Plaza 1 and I saw a PINK cat! And I love pink!

Hehehe. I wanted a pink cat so badly that I visited the Pet Farms for almost a week! At first, I thought of buying a white cat, so that I could call it "HelloKitty". But "Hmmm..." I thought, "I shall wait a lil' bit longer for a pink cat to appear!" Saw a purple cat, but someone bought it so quickly and disappeared. But, few moments later, I saw a pink cat! AHHHH! I clicked on it to see its profile.

Gender: Female
Personality: Friendly

Hesitated on the 'Narcissist' thing, but well, WHY DON'T JUST FREAKING BUY IT?! Bought it for 400 AG. MUAHAHAHA!!! I named it Nekohebi. Why? Cos when you type /nekohebi, Nekohebi will appear above your head! Hahahaha.

But now, I am a little bored. So, why not start blogging instead of stalking my Pico buddies (e.g. Black Beast >:D)?


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