Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lucky Day.

Today, I had the most shocking day of my Pico life. I have won the Finding Happy Oliver Event! I am soooo shocked, excited and happy!

When I logged in, I recieved a notification that there are 2 messages on my visitors board. The first message I read saying, "Congratulations for finding Happy Oliver!" I saw like "Huh?" I looked over to my amount of gold... I was like "*#&$(&#)%&$@_#(@ WHATTTT! I WON! I WON!" I have 1000 AG extra!

I took the image from the Pico's website.

I saw "You have unread mail." sticking out from "Buddies". It's from Chloe! It's says,"Thank you for purchasing AmebaGold! Please check your closet for the limited item!" CLOSET! I opened and saw a belt. WOWSERS! That's the coolest belt in the PICO WORLD!!!

Right now, I still cant believe I would would win these contests which winners are selected randomly. I never knew I would be this lucky! I would like congratulate the other winners too! And at last, Happy Oliver accepted my love for him!

Haha. Edited the image from the website!


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