Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Let me take a few minutes to write a short post. I've been busy with university. University is not like your typical high school, and yes, as I was predicting, it IS brutal.

I have four assignments at the moment. One is due tomorrow and I'm finishing it. Another one is due next Monday, so I have two assignments to finish by this week. And the other two, before the easter break. I'm anticipating this break so that I could relax and do some readings.

Well, this is the life when you get into one of the top universities. Everyone seems smarter and brighter than me, and they are so competitive. I wish this life could end fast! -.-

I've been on Pico but most of the time I'm doing my assignments and readings. Well, I think, sooner or later, I wouldn't be on Pico and focus more on my studies. :/
Friday, March 2, 2012


Dearest blog, I'm back to you. Finally, I'm back to where I was born, a little big city called Auckland in New Zealand. Feels like home. :) Life's been hectic since I moved here, after I've finished my Foundation Year in Dunedin. I miss the tranquil life in Dunedin. :(

I had problems with the enrollment into university. As soon I received an email about my grades sent from my previous university I was studying at, I rushed the university I was applying. Too bad, the last document they needed is the hardcopy transcript of my finals' results, which will be printed after a month. But classes are starting in about two weeks!
I had to call the previous university to post the hardcopy of my transcript to my brother's flat. It arrived 3 days later. Luckily, as soon as they receive it, they approved my application (phew!). My good grades helped me a lot. :) That was just a week before classes start. D: Just being lucky.

Just finished the first week of university. Errrr.... The first week is alright. I'm not sure. Back to student mode, no more procrastinating!

Back to blogging? I'm not sure also. University is not like high school or foundation year. It's gonna be BRUTAL. I'll be busy, for sure. And look, my blog views are increasing by itself... Here's a stats of the number of views for my blog posts since I started blogging.

The "Mr. Satan!" post is the most popular one. LOL. I have no idea why people love Mr. Satan a lot. Followed by "Yumehhh!", a post about signing a petition to help unbanning my dear friend Yumiko. Comparing, the number of views between these two..... Wow. "Mr. Satan!" post is more than 4 times of the "Yumehhh!" post. Hahahaha.

Back to the main question of the day. Should I go back to blogging? :/

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