Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Mr.Semaphore again!

Mr.Semaphore's third issue of Pico Props Magazine is finally out! My friends, Yumiko (as the cover model), Trey (as one of the plaid fashion Picos), and Hayley (as one of the colors fashion) are all in the mag!

Click HERE to read the magazine.

Mr.Semaphore is really nice! He does cool drawings. I saw a drawing of his friend on his Facebook, so I requested a drawing of my pico from him. He was actually delighted to do so! It's because he wants to practice his skills. ^^

It's really pretty!


I'm in love with this song! I listen to it this whole morning today!

Off the music at the bottom of this blog to watch this video!

Like my dancing? This is my first dancing video. Sorry if I didn't dance well. XD

Happy New Year, everyone!
Friday, December 30, 2011


Look who I've found! A grandpa dressed as a farmer. He came up to me and said I'm cute and wants me to tell him why I'm so cute. Hahahaha. He's so funny.

I'm not a big fan of Death Note, but I watched a movie about L. It was not Death Note. I don't remember anything about movie, though. I just know that he is very intellegent and likes sweet food.

I met a pico, ID: Xuffer. He wanted to be my buddy when we first met. I rejected him at first, but since he insisted to be my buddy, so I said "Okay...". He asked me to follow him later. I came to his room 2, I was like WOW! It's L! Love his hair! And he's eating macarons. Ahaha.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy new year!

The first day of 2012 is around the corner. Time to make New Year Resolutions. I feel like.. doing something something special for this year. Next year would be the last year of having a "1" on my age. By the time I am 20, I don't feel young anymore. So, I have to treasure this year.

I've been playing this game for a year already. I met so many great friends, from different parts of the world. By playing this game, I feel the world has became smaller. Sometimes I'm not aware of the fact that we are playing from millions of kilometers away and having different time zones. To me, its kinda crazy.

Some of my buddies got banned from Pico for cheating tokens and gummies. I feel so sorry for them, like I've lost them from the game. I've been avoiding cheats. I don't wanna get banned! :(

Pigg's ring at the moment. The big bell scared me!

Okay. I've deleted the page about facts about myself. I do not think I need it anymore. I do not need anyone to know about me. If you wanna know me more, just ask. Anyway, it is just a game. :) What do you think about the new background of the blog? :)
Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

OMG. It's already Christmas! I can't believe time flies with the same speed of light. I remember last year, when I first started playing Pico, I was collecting mushrooms and getting golden mushroom chairs from the old man who looks like Santa Claus at the pet farm. Old times. :')

I think it is already one year of me playing Pico. I've been playing Pico for almost everyday. The reason why I have never got tired of this game is I've made so many friends to play with. Even I'm so busy with school, I still play. I'm now an addict!

I don't feel like going out today, though. Instead, I'm looking forward for tomorrow, Boxing Day. I can't have Christmas Dinner with my family, because they are far far away. Hope you enjoy your Christmas dinner with your family. :)

Here's a picture for the readers! Don't you love my wonderful, sexy Santa Beard?

Merry Christmas!
Friday, December 16, 2011


Oh finally. After two weeks of not blogging, I've decided to blog. I've been busy with assignments and tests. I have an assignment due on this Monday and also an Economics test on the same day. OH AM GEE. What a hectic weekend.

Oh, new Christmas stuffs arrived. I guess everyone looks good in their new outfits now? There are cool stuffs like hats and scarfs, which are available in tokens and gummies. So, that's great.

My closet is almost full! > <

Whenever I see her, 
I feel powerless.
Saturday, December 3, 2011

No white Christmas for me. ;(

Skating eggplant.

Christmas is coming. I can't wait, really. Can't wait for new items. I'm saving my money for the event and also Boxing day sale (in reality). I can go shopping, at last!


Introducing one of my pico buddy, Cherie.

Her Pico ID is Popo Que., with a period (full stop). She is so-called my supa daddy. Also, she's really funny and sometimes horny. Visit her Porn Paradise one day. I skyped with her a few times, she's pretty, I tell you. ;D You can see her with me at the Japanese Park. She changes her look a lot, though.

Everyday I'm tumblring.

Hey. I've "reactivated" my Twitter and Tumblr. Follow me if you're nice. Hahaha. My Tumblr's link is the picture on the sidebar of this blog. Look for the picture with the Tumblr icon. My Tumblr leads to my Facebook, Twitter and also this blog. Generally, my Tumblr is all about reblogs of all my favourite things.
Caution: It will contain mature contents. ;D

My cat can climb onto my head now. Relation 150!

I changed its name to Mewingtons. I wanted to name it Meowingtons but it was too long.
Meowingtons is the name of Deadmau5's cat. :D

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