Saturday, February 26, 2011


Oh my gosh. I started playing Pigg!!! Yays. I have to say that Pigg is cuter than Pico. Hehe. Why? Because Pigg has more places to go. For example, this 2nd Pigg Anniversary Park sweet_mom talked about. I saw Piggs doing some weird actions. I noticed that when you type /2nd, you will go like this:


When many people do this action, an UFO with snowman inside popped out from nowhere! And then, BOOM, everyone became mini. LOL.

And the rings are very funny, when you ring, you will hold a big gun and 'BOOM!'

I also played Card Match game. I beat an expert. HAHAHA!!

But, the sad thing is, I couldn't understand Japanese, except the Chinese parts! I wish I could... :(
Friday, February 25, 2011

I look ridiculous!

Ameba Pico Virtual World's first birthday is coming soon. After a scheduled maintainence, I came back to play. A new park has released - The 1st Anniversary park! My first reaction on the park is, "Wow, I am on a cake!" Hahaha.

There's a fountain with '1' on its base.

I feel so 'sweet' on this park. LOL. Ooo! There's a cupcake!

Look at me! Sitting on a biscuit bench beside a candle! I gacha-ed all these things. And I look ridiculous! Hahahaha.

Besides the Finding Happy Oliver event, there's also a recycling campaign which Picos will earn 50 GUMMIES instead of 10 gummies for recycling their furniture and clothes. I am excited for this campaign. Hehehehe.
Thursday, February 24, 2011

Desperate Love.

Let me tell you a secret. I have a crush on this guy - Happy Oliver! I have been searching for him yesterday, but I just couldn't find him. I was SO STUPID that I didn't follow Ameba Pico's Twitter. AHHH! So now I know how to find him. So, I woke up early in the morning to find him, checked the Twitter, but there was no updates.

Then, right after I had my lunch, I checked the Twitter again. He said, "Let's see.. Where should I go.. I know, I'll visit the Supermarket..." I quickly went to check EVERY Supermarket to find him. But, he was nowhere to be found. I waited for him for 30 minutes but he didn't show up! I chose to go to rooms with more Picos waiting. So, while waiting to go into Supermarket 2, I hanged out at Supermarket 4 with lesser Picos in it. When I was about to go in Supermarket 2, I saw a four-leaf clover sticking out of someone's head and I knew it was HAPPY OLIVER!!! I quickly took a picture with him before he runs away. Surprisingly, he is a very good teleporter. He teleported all over Supermarket 4 and Picos started to run after him. I told my friends that he was there.

After 5 minutes, he said, "I want to see airplanes. Bye." Then off he went.

Awww. Isn't he cute?
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Job Uniform Gacha Is Back!

Yes. It's back. I missed the first one because I have started playing Ameba Pico later than other Picos. I have seen some Picos wearing firemen's hats and they were really cute! So, I thought I wouldn't get those anymore because they were limited. But, its back with new jobs!

For the 1st series of Job Uniform Gacha, they had FIREMAN, NURSE, DOCTOR and POLICE. Now, the 2nd one has CONSTRUCTION WORKER, SAILOR, PILOT and FLIGHT ATTENDANT.

I tried second series first, and I got sailor clothes, flight attendant clothes, a plane, steam shovel chair and some CONSTRUCTION SHITS!! I hate those shits! But I like the sailor clothes the most! Then, I tried the first series gacha once, hoping to get a fireman hat but I got a nurse outfit! LOL. After that, I got back to my room and put the plane and the steam shovel chair at the corner of my supermarket and make them the children's corner for children to play.

The flight attendant clothes.

The Sailormoon clothes!

The corner of my supermarket. :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

I. Can't. Log. In.

What happened to Ameba Pico Virtual World? I don't what is the problem, but sometimes I can't log in to Ameba Pico. I had to try to log in again and again for numerous times for like 30 minutes and eventually successfully logged in in the end.

You see the image up here? Yup. This 'thing' always pop out if I cant log in. Effing hate this!!!
Friday, February 18, 2011


Today, I saw sweet_mom in a room during a ring event. I went to her and say, "sweet_mom, I love you." Hahahaha. Then, she went to visit my room/supermarket. She was so amazed to see my supermarket. Hmm... I think she missed the Supermarket Park's GREEN PREMIUM GACHA. She took some pictures of my room and said she will post it on her PicoPerfect blog. Hehe. I wanted to be her friend but too bad, her buddy list is full. Awwww. :(
Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's going on?

Today, weird things happenned in Pico.

Today, I was following my friend JeffX and came to Servasius's room. I said Hi to JeffX and I saw this.

According to Jeffx, the thing is what he called his 'dick'. Hahaha.

And few hours later, Ameba Pico announced that there was a new park! Supermarket!

However, in Malaysia , the Ameba Pico updates are slower than in other countries, example America. Fortunately, my another friend, RMG~ℓexιᵔᴥᵔ who is from America later came to me, told me about the new park was released and asked me to follow her. After she has gone, I tried to follow her but there were 89 people waiting! Wow! Seconds later, the information was updated and I found a Supermarket room which has the least number of Picos waiting.

While waiting, I read about the park at the Ameba Pico website. There were BLUE, PINK and GREEN (yucky) premium gachas, which are obviously for 50 AG per attempt.

Then, RMG~ℓexιᵔᴥᵔ whispered to me, that the green premium gacha was for 10 gummies! I was like 'WTF? Are you kidding? No way!'Ameba Pico opened more rooms for the Supermarket Park, so I finally got into the Supermarket Park. I checked every premium gacha there: BLUE is for 50 AG, PINK is also for 50 AG.... BUT GREEN is for 10 FREAKING GUMMIES. YES, I said GUMMIES!!! But sorry, I didn't take a picture of the green premium gacha for proof but well, if you dont believe me, you can ask someone. :D I gacha-ed for a thousand plus gummies. And I have at least one of every items. Then I transformed my room into a supermarket!

Yes, My expanded room has turned into a supermarket!

First, take your own baskets or shopping carts, depends on how much you are going to buy from my supermarket.

Shop for your nessicities, example: bread, shampoo, detergent....

Vegetables and fruits that makes you strong and healthy.

Wow, many types of meat you can buy from here! They are only for 10 gummies! Haha. I am just joking.

Cold and refreshing drinks!

Ice-cream! Yummy! Everyone's favourite!

Gum machines! Children loves gums!

After shopping, be sure to pay at the counters. But wait, everything in my supermarket is free! Take as much as you like! Take them, take them!

But look, even the other Picos who don't buy AG have their own market too! If you type 'market' on the 'keyword search at the event board, you can see many markets were opened!

Me, Jeff and Ted. Yes, and the scanners are cool too!

Unfortunately, the GREEN PREMIUM GACHA was only lasted for 3 hours. My cousin came to me and told that the green gacha is gone. I went back to the Supermarket Park and found that the GREEN PREMIUM GACHA is really GONE! Too bad, some Picos missed it because they were asleep!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentines Day! Have you found your valentine?

And also, I did an amazing thing - I expanded my room to 16X16!

Huge room eh? Yes, it is kinda empty now, because I am lazy to decorate my room. :/ And I need to save my gummies, so that I can buy the Crystal Clear Sky Wall, the Fresh Green Grass Floor, and blocks.
Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hello. Its me, TraceyLPY from Ameba Pico Virtual World.

It all started when I watched my younger cousins playing Ameba Pico Virtual World on Facebook somewhere in December. And I thought "Hey! That's a cute game, wanna try it!". So, I tried it and got addicted to Pico ever since. Not long after that, I introducted Pico to my brother and another cousin who were also got interested in Pico.

After one month playing Pico, I decided to buy some Ameba Gold. I realized, wow, we can buy lots of GOOD stuff using AG! I remember the first thing I bought with AG was the Cheer Move. My cousin calls it lame but to me, it is the coolest move! One day, I was hanging out at the Beginner's Plaza 1 and I saw a PINK cat! And I love pink!

Hehehe. I wanted a pink cat so badly that I visited the Pet Farms for almost a week! At first, I thought of buying a white cat, so that I could call it "HelloKitty". But "Hmmm..." I thought, "I shall wait a lil' bit longer for a pink cat to appear!" Saw a purple cat, but someone bought it so quickly and disappeared. But, few moments later, I saw a pink cat! AHHHH! I clicked on it to see its profile.

Gender: Female
Personality: Friendly

Hesitated on the 'Narcissist' thing, but well, WHY DON'T JUST FREAKING BUY IT?! Bought it for 400 AG. MUAHAHAHA!!! I named it Nekohebi. Why? Cos when you type /nekohebi, Nekohebi will appear above your head! Hahahaha.

But now, I am a little bored. So, why not start blogging instead of stalking my Pico buddies (e.g. Black Beast >:D)?

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