Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That blue dress!

New park with premium gacha, again! LOL. It's called Antique Gallery!

It is a very, very blue room. Very elegant. Let's take a look around!

An antique phone displayed.

A blue carriage is also displayed in the room. You can sit outside and inside. It is very nice! The guy inside must be feeling like Cinderella.

The clock actually tells you the time. I took this picture at 6.18pm (I am in Malaysia). Oh. There's a cage with a bird inside. Is that is a real or fake bird? I don't know. It sings. :O

Comfy bed to sleep on. Ahhh...LOL. Okay. Let's look at the shop!

Mylene looks very friendly. I hope she be my grandma in Pico.

Hmm.. Just some blue stuffs. That's all. Now, it is the premium gacha's turn to be introducted.

This premium gacha is for 50 AG per spin! And oh! I remember that dress! I saw it and fell in love it on the first day France was released. This post here.


I saw this guy at the Japanese Park when he was hula dancing and saying,' You wanna gamble?' and 'Ahahah!''. Too bad he went off so quickly, I could't take a picture of him. He looks a lot like the man at the casino (not the nerdy one).


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