Friday, April 22, 2011

5x Slots are back!

The Casino Campaign is back. This time, it is the 5 times slots again, but only for 3 days. and oooh! We have two new items here!

First, I PRESENT YOU....

Okay. Not too dramatic. It is just a blue tile.

*Image taken from Ameba Pico's official website.

How does it works? When you have it, every time you spin, you will use one. A tile will be at the very center, like this image below. And THAT tile would be anything, it would be a replacement of ANYTHING. So... since it's 5 times slot, it is definitely be the best opportunity to have higher chance of winning AND 5 times of the winning with these damn tiles.

You can buy the tiles from this guy here! It is on sale for 100 pieces for 50 AG. He is available anywhere in the casino, except the Hotel Frontage and the Shop Lounge.

Ok, next!

HIGH-CLASS ESCARGOT WHEELS! It is with two wheels. You can sit on it. It is now half of the normal price, only for a week. So, grab them, Picos!


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