Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yay! Easter Day is coming! A new park called Bunny Room was released. When I stepped into the room, the first thing I saw is two gachas - one pink and one blue. The items are so cute! But, they are 100 AG per spin! Bunny balloons are one of the items. Imagine 100 AG for balloons? And 100 AG for one tiny bunny statue? Not worth it, right? So, I decided not to spin the gachas.

*Images taken from the Ameba Pico's official website.

If the gachas are for 50 AG per spin, I would go for the pink one and spin till I get the Pink Bunny Costume. Sigh. So, I took a look at the shop.

Aww... Aren't they cute? I saw the white version of the bunny costume! I tried on it...
And I looked freaking cute! But, I don't have enough gold. Should I buy more gold? Really hard decision.


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