Friday, April 1, 2011

Girls only.

Had a short chat with Mr.Semaphore at the Japanese Park right before I got kicked out for maintenence. Things went back to normal. No more cake-like parks, ribbons, balloons, cupcakes, ice cream cones, biscuit benches and chocolate snowman. And yeah, there's a new premium gacha in France!

Huh? Girls only?

NO WAY! It's for 100 AG per spin! Freakin' expensive! But I gacha-ed it (stupid decision). I got all of the items, got the wallpaper and window. I am kinda regretted of trying this gacha, the dress is disappointing. But my friends said they like it, I look beautiful(??). Conclusion...

I WILL NOT SPEND ANYMORE OF MY AG ON PREMIUM GACHAS, it is total waste of money. :(

Boycott premium gachas!

Hate you Gender Specified Gacha! (the gacha called itself that)


The old park is back again! I miss you, Old Park!

Blackjack is missing! Where are you?

Yeah, I know I am stupid.


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