Monday, April 25, 2011

Damn you Blackjack!!

I have lost A LOT of casino cash for playing Blackjack since last week. Damn. I should not play in Blackjack Highroller rooms. The dealers have been really mean to us! So, today I switched to Blackjack Normal rooms, and they are much better than the highroller ones. The dealers are more likely to bust. Anyway, we have a new friend in the casino...

I introduce you...
Sleeveless Ace is hot, isn't she? LOL. Just kidding. It is just a triangular tile.

Dear Blackjack lovers, you need these tiles if you want higher chance of getting Blackjacks. Because you will get an Ace card for the first card you get from the dealer when you use them. Cool, eh? But I am not gonna buy it.


Nyahaha. What? New park. Flower Garden.

It is similar to the West Forest. you can sit on the huge flowers!

Here. This is the premium gacha. The items are soooo cute! I MUST spin it! But damn, I got so many repititions, I wasted 250 AG on them. I got one set of bumble bee costume, a butterfly dress and a pair of ladybug wings. I'm happy with them though. :D



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