Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool!

Yeah! It's April Fool's day! Did you fool anyone? Ahaha. Ameba Pico released April Fool's park!

The clown in the picture is really cute! LOL.

The face of a clown in this park is made from blocks and lovely bushes(?). Nice.

Ahh! That really scared me!

Look at those clown outfits and their matching hats. Cute! 'Kick me!' T-shirts are on sale. Cool rainbow afro! Jack-in-a-boxes are on sale, too!

Clown Outfit No. 1

I was looking for Clown Outfit No. 2 and found CaŠ¼bria. She has a blog too. HERE!

Kick me please! This shirt is sooooo cool!

Poppet has a yellow one too!

I also bought the party glasses! I look funny. Hahahaha.


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