Thursday, March 24, 2011

Water please!

Yay! After the maintenence, amazing things happened - we have now two new quests, which is 'Receive a glass of water from the waiter' and 'Check out the fashion show!' Let's check out the fashion show first! The red carpet rolls out from the Arc de Triomphe and models sashay.

A hot red dress.

I saw Lady Gaga!

I love her hair. Cuurrrlss.

That is one beautiful Pico model.

(GAY) Guy model.

I love this dress's colour!

The designer accompanied by his models walk down the red carpet and...

Boom! There's a shop!


I love this dress a lot! It suits me and I love polka-dots!

Next, the water quest!

Beautiful building!

I fell in love with the waiter! He's smokin'. Look at that smirk, CUTENESS!


Yuji K. aka Luke said...

nice blog Tracey ^_^

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