Friday, March 11, 2011


After 6 hours of waiting, finally the maintenence has done. After 30 minutes of semaphores errors and connection errors(which I have no idea why. LOL.), I got into my room and saw this:

Pico saved my life! I need those rice balls desperately! From today till end of march, we can ask for help from our friends to get those damn rice balls! YAY!

Have you heard about Nezumi Kozo, the great theif who stole the General of Edo's treasures? I saw him at Jokamachi! He crept out from behind the cloth near his 'wanted' sign and slowly tip-toed to the other side of Jokamachi.

I followed him to a secret entrance!

And this is his secret hideoout!!! Muahaha!! And oh, there's a premium gacha!

I wanted the golden helmet and the armor at first but on second thoughts, I thought it was ugly.

Wow. I would like to have this wallpaper and floor, but I need lots of AG to get that!


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