Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prom band and more Bunny items.

Maintenance's off! Saw "NEW!" beside the Travel tab, press it, "Coming soon!" on the Prom Party Hall. Wonder what's coming soon...


I was at Qiqi's house when Pearlman said, "It's open. Prom Band Gacha." I was like, "I need to see this." Rushed to the gym.

*Image taken from Ameba Pico's official guide.

And it is 50 AG per spin!!! Must. Spin. It.

The gym has a stage! Oh. That girl is Qiqi.


Oooohh! New Bunny items! Pink and white bunny handhled plushies can be held on the left hand of the pico, while black bunny plushie is on the right hand. So you can hold two bunny plushies, yay!


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