Thursday, May 12, 2011

Flowerly Community Parks!

YES! Maintenence's off! The Green Fountain is gone. BOOHOO! But, the community parks, OOLALA!

Aren't they perfect for the parks?

Pots of flowers are placed between those benches.

New stuff at the casino! Card motif items. I am not sure about buying the dress I'm wearing up here. I have just enough casino dollars for the dress and the shoes. D:

And... A new stone in da house!

The Ameba Pico's official guide says:

"What happens when you have this stone? A FACE CARD will always appear on your second card! You will definitely able to get a Black Jack, easier than before!!
*Please keep in mind that this stone works only when the first card is 7 or above."

But I don't wanna buy it! BOOO!


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