Monday, May 9, 2011

Giant Reversi Player.

I did not edit this picture from Photoshop or anything!

I visited my ♥, Black Beast at his room and I saw him typing "/mothersday". "You're so silly!", I told him. He explained he saw a girl went GIANT at the reversi park this morning, so he tried to slash something to be giant. He thought today is mothers day so he slashed mom, momma, mummy and so on, but didn't work. He told me, she said something about usamimi. I suggested that we go meet that girl at the park.

The girl hid behind a tree, people asking her how to be giant. She said lots of things we cant understand, Japanese words in this form, not in Japanese characters. She did say usamimi! Some of us went, "/usamimi". Fortunately, a Japanese reversi player named Nao something, but let's call her Nao, talked to her. A few mins later, Nao went giant too! The girl went off. Everyone asked Nao how? She said, " Usamimi."

P.S. Usamimi is a hint.


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