Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No more dramatic!

DAMN. My friend, Hayley told me that Dramatic Dance is not on sale anymore in Mike's shop. Why did Pico delete it? It's so cool, everyone should have it, right?


Anyway, there's a new park, Sakura Room!

Pretty Room. Not gonna spin that premium gacha. Don't wanna waste my gold! Let's look at what's inside the shop.

The ribbons are small and cost 120 AG each. NOT WORTH THE MONEY! And YES! NEW WIG! Bought it, yeahh!

I LOOK SO CUTE (maybe weird) BUT BOYISH!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was kinda upset too that they removed the action. I wonder if those who bought it still have the action in their action panel?

Maybe they will release it again, maybe a higher price? Or to a different event that suits it more, or it could be a bug or an accidental "mistake" deletion *sigh* I don't know.

TraceyLPY said...

Yeah. Dramatic Dance is still in the action panel.

Maybe Pico will release it back to the casino because this action is available in Ameba Pigg's casino shop lounge. MAYBE. But I still don't understand why Pico deleted it!

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