Friday, October 21, 2011

Pico staffs sleeping?

While waiting for the maintenance, I have to write a random post, or I will be bored to death.

I'm on my last week of holidays now. Holidays started right after I finished my first semester's final exam. I got great results from the exam - I didn't expect I would get this high cause I have been playing Pico while studying and I didn't study well enough. But... WOW! Congrats to myself.

You might see me as the "ULTIMATE PICO ADDICT", because I'm always at the Japanese Park. I might be there like for 12 hours at most in a day. If you see me on autoclick - like repeating an action in a certain amount of time, I might be cooking or out to buy dinner. If you see me sitting or sleeping, I will be either on the other tab or playing Tetris Battle. Tetris Battle is also my favourite game. You gotta love old school games, rather than "Shit"Villes.

Sorry to my friends, if I'm ignoring you guys when I'm talking to others. I have family and friends talking to me on Pico, Skype, MSN, and Facebook, sometimes I couldn't keep it up. Especially my friend, QiQi, who got angry when I didn't notice her. I'm sorry! ><


Meet a really cute girl from Hong Kong!
She's really funny too.
Pico ID: Macha_Green


*Image taken from Rex A's Pico Blog.

And I am featured in Rex A's Pico Blog on Ameblo, along with my Lolo (Grandpa in Tagalog) and 2 other picos! Thanks Rex!
But that's not my best outfit though. I could have dress better! D:


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