Sunday, October 2, 2011

Copycat. Tsk.

Like WOAH! I have a COPYCAT! This is kinda the first time for me. And now I know why people get pissed off when they see their copycat! I was really angry.

A few days ago, Kaworu, my "pet cat" told me he saw a copy of me at the English Park. I was like NO WAY! He then gave me a picture of her. Too bad he didn't take a note of her name.

Are you out of your mind, miss? That's totally a copy of me - my face, my hair. Except the mole and that retarded face shape. Ewww. COPYCAT FAILURE! BOOO!

And just now, not too long ago, I was at Japanese Park and I saw her coming in. She wasn't wearing any wig.  She must have saw me and quickly changed to wear a brown side ponytail wig. FOUND YOU, COPYCAT! I came to her and started calling her copycat. She asked me "Do I know you? O.o". Of course she know me, she has seen me that's why she's a copycat! I thanked her for being a copycat because I feel so special!

After that, I asked her to take off her stupid wig to show her hair. She then disappeared. Lucky me! I clicked her profile and I know her Pico name. She was BabyVinci. I searched for her. And she's naked!


Look! Then... she changed her hair.

Tsk tsk. Changed her name.

No more copycat! Good. Have a great Pico life!


Pearlman said...

Those who have no respect for others' creations ... piss off!

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