Thursday, October 6, 2011


When October comes, the Halloween topic is all over Pico world. I can't wait to buy the Halloween items, they must be awesome! The daily gacha changed! All Halloween items, except for some princess gowns, blah.

Look! Bat shades!
My goal is to get the witch hat. I got it after 8k gummies. How unfair. :(


This morning, I had a trip to Chloe's House! I didn't have the chance to visit it last night.

Candies, ghosts and spider webs everywhere! Looks like a happy house rather than a scary house.

Love Louis's apron. It's purple with some evil pumpkin on it! Matches my shirt!

Ahhh... I like Chloe's dress! Glittery! Hope this dress is available for this Halloween. ><

I love this tree with a face the most - the best part of the park. It's full of candies and you can see emerging happy ghosts.

Really big pumpkin!

Mr.Snowman dressed as a witch and his pet panda with a black cat on top of him. Cute!

And meet my new ghost friend!


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