Saturday, July 30, 2011

A really old friend.

This is an old friend of mine. He wasn't actually my buddy on pico, but I've seen him, long loooooooooooong time ago when Ameba Pico had its 1st birthday. A cute guy. I remember when I first saw him at the cake park, he fed me some food and then I blew him a kiss to thank him. When I blew a kiss to him, he quickly held out a bouquet of roses and did the 'Please' action, next to me. That was how I took this picture. He was darn sweet!

This picture shows that it was so long ago when I was still having this old look.


I saw him at the Japanese park a week ago! I was so happy to meet him again. I said Hello but he didn't respond. I sent him a Buddy Request. He accepted it a few days later. I wonder when I can meet him again and talk to him. I really missed him.

Today, he logged on, I quickly followed him. So happy to finally speak to him again!


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