Friday, July 8, 2011

Long lost twin.

Last night I couldn't wait any longer for the maintenance to finish. Got really sleepy after long hours of waiting. Extension, extension...

This morning, before I go to school, I logged in just for a while. I went to the Japanese Park 1 (that's where I usually hanged out at) and saw some unfamiliar faces. It is the time difference. :D I saw this girl when she was chatting with her friend, AND she was VERY familiar. SHE LOOKS LIKE ME! Not 100% but our eyes, noses and mouths are the same! Except she has different tanned skin color, different face shape and different hair. She has eyebrows and a mole beside her right eye! ^^

☆ Эленка ★ from Russia Federation happened to be my long lost twin!

+Spooky+, my twin ☆ Эленка ★, and me.

Haha. +Spooky+ yawned as we Japanese Bon Danced.


And yeah, I met this handsome dude in Japanese Park 1 too.

Meet ♡春日♡. He's sooooo handsome!


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