Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pigg friends!

I played Ameba Pigg before I went to sleep. I was at the beach, looking for a handheld lion plushie. It caught my brown eye when I was visiting my friend, Poppet who was holding it. I saw a man with a blue hoodie jacket and blue pants stood beside me. He has a really nice wig! A rockstar! He is コレット. I typed to him. He spoke to me in English! (He must have seen my profile).

We had a really nice chat, and then two girls (なみへー and あーちゃ), both dressed in pink fluffly hoodie sweatshirts with pink pomspoms, came along and chat with us. They are really friendly and nice! I even asked them about Ameba Pico, but they have NO IDEA what is Pico. Awww. They can't speak English well, but I can still understand them. They did not know what is "lol". AHAHA!

From left to right: コレット, なみへー, あーちゃ, ME!

We went to コレット's house and ate lots of food! Most of the chat history are in Japanese. LOL. I didn't talk much. なみへー then suggested to go to my house. She called me Tra, not Tracey.

Even though my room is small, they didn't complain. I didn't have food to serve them(I was a bit disappointed and embarassed), so あーちゃ sponsored some food. She's really kind. コレット and なみへー put on their spacesuits and made some "floating-in-space" actons. They taught me how to /sit, /stand and /zzz in Pigg. Thank you guys!


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