Monday, November 14, 2011


There is a song which I got addicted to, that is, Bloom by the Paper Kites. I put that song on this blog now. It's a nice song, happy and relaxing music which I love. I hope the readers like it. :)

If you're a regular visitor to my blog, which I have no idea if I have or not, you would notice that I like putting slow, "quiet" songs for my blog. It's because I thought loud music would scare off the readers. Yeah, I've been in those situations when I read some Pico blogs, the bass suddenly booms out my headphones and probably made temporary deafness. So, I had to put myself in the readers' shoes.

To be really honest, I hate leaving my blog alone. My blog is like my baby, I have to take care of it. Dress it well, give it love. Once mine, always mine. I guess I haven't update for more than a week. I hate it, I feel irresponsible. I feel guilty for not taking care of myself either. Not eating well, skipping meals. I'm already skinny, but I'm getting skinnier!

To update about my Pico life, I joined a fashion group that DQ has created, called Fashionholic. Like it's Facebook page, HERE.

Anyway, I'm back to my blackie look again.

Lul. I just missed this look, I wanted it back.


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